Mona & Eddie’s Wedding!

What better day to have your wedding than the 2nd day of the New Year!?

I took a quick trip to Florida post-Christmas to spend time with friends, ring in the New Year, and most importantly celebrate Mona & Eddie!

Pictures below from their flawless wedding day. xo



There have been little to no articles that have swayed me to a standpoint that I can truly justify, until now.

As I’ve set my own expectations for 2016 I’ve found one article that leaves me truly inspired. A real motivation to reach for my goals, treat myself well, and cherish my loved ones and personal beliefs.

Happy New Year!

Click below to check read all about it!



Sunday Baking: Upside Down Pumpkin Pie!

Getting my baking on this Sunday & bringing back my favorite fall recipe!
A year ago I decided to share this recipe with the rest of the world via GirlStuffLA, because it was too good not to. I love this recipe so much more than a classic pumpkin pie because the crust stays so crispy and delish’! Add some cool whip on top for the perfect holiday treat.
Learn how to make Upside Pumpkin Pie here:

Self-Reminders To Anyone That Needs Them

It’s overwhelming times like these where I feel like I come to a cracking point. I go through my range of emotions and come to a calm, which is when my mind starts to re-focus on what I’m here to do in life.

With this, I usually end up reminding myself why I always push myself.

I’ve decided to share 7 of my most valued reminders with the general public in case you, too, are reaching your cracking point.

  1. Stay disciplined – Only good things will come of this. Routines build structure and structure allows you to create awesome sh*t.
  2. Stay passionate – remind yourself that you love and enjoy what you do. If you don’t love it, then you are getting there. But If you don’t love it and you’re not getting where you want to be…then get out.
  3. Give yourself alone time – Get away from people, and get away from work. Allow yourself to dive into your favorite leisures and give yourself space to de-clutter your mind.
  4. Find your voice & speak up – You have a positive purpose and if you want to share it, know that your opinion matters as well.
  5. There isn’t enough time – You can do it all; you just can’t do it all in one day. #chill
  6. Meditate more – Finding your center is so, so important. Whether it be through prayer, yoga, or a meditation app, allow for some time to get yourself together.
  7. Keep the pressure on yourself light as a feather– You can only do what you can do, and good things really do take time.

Overall, put yourself first – If you’re like me, then it’s probably easy for you to get consumed by whatever short-term goals you’re trying to fulfill. You aim to the moon and rocket ship your a$$ to get there, because you know you can if you just push hard enough. Always remember your values, or my own values to get you back (or forward) to exactly where you need to be. Focus on yourself and know that everything will be just fine. xo

FullSizeRender (1)

Throwing It Back: When I Interviewed Tori Kelly

Here’s a major #tbt to 4 years ago! I was hosting with PRV at Kababayan Fest 2011 where I interviewed some great artists + performers. After wrapping up a long day of interviews in the sun, we ran in to Tori Kelly and decided to do a quick & fun interview!

Looking back at this video after four years made my heart happy and also made for a good laugh. YES, I am chewing gum in the interview. Backstory to the ever-so-obvious gum chewing: We were on our way out of the event and I had been chewing gum since we ended the event. I hopped on camera and didn’t have time to spit out my gum. Was I conscious of my gum? Clearly not, as you can see me chewing it like a little bunny. In the wise words of my father, sh*t happens. Like I said, watching this made for a good chuckle.

More than anything, it made me so reminiscent of hosting some really fun events / red carpets, along with getting to meet people that have left such a positive impact in my life. Who knows, there may be more hosting to come down the pipeline! As for time flying, it’s amazing to see how much I have grown as a person/producer/entertainer, and to see how Tori’s success has skyrocketed. You do ya’ thang, honey!

Tori Kelly Interview with Corinne

That Moment When…

…you go to the bank, see a billboard of yourself on Sunset Blvd., show your co-workers, and then find out that you are on billboards all over the United States. #wut #majorLOL

So proud to be a part of this Universal Studios / Fast & Furious Campaign. Find me on the tram, y’all!

In Case You Were Wondering… Post #1

I call this In Case You Were Wondering because I have come to the conclusion that I will indeed go rogue in the blog world de temps en temps #lifehappens. Alas, I will use these posts to write about what you’ve missed in my life, ya’ know – in case you were wondering ;). See what I did there?

Anywho, this first post is dedicated to my beautiful friend/soul sister Jane Woo. On May 23rd, I got to be a part of her beautiful wedding. Kevin and Jane met in the beginning of college, and I have been lucky enough to witness their relationship from inception. Below are my pictures from their fairytale wedding that has yet to hit me…yes, it was that surreal. All I have to say to this is #KJWoo4ever. The pictures will speak for themselves!

Team Jane
Team Jane
“I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves”
Beauty In The Details
Our Bouquets!
Our Bouquets!
Ready to do this!
First Look! *tears*
Reading Kevin’s Note
Just Married!
Casual Convo with the Bride & Groom
Casual Convo With The Bride & Groom
The Stud & Me
Cutting The Cake
Devouring the Cake, lol.
Devouring The Cake, lol.